Create Big Bubble Fun!

Big Bubbles Recipe: Ingredients

Package of Guar Gum baking thickener (e.g. Bob’s Red Mill) in grocery baking section, or order online; Dawn Ultra or other premium dishwash soap; Rubbing alcohol to help dissolve guar gum powder; Baking powder used to reduce the Ph in the water; Tap water. Total cost for ingredients to make 1 gallon of Big Bubbles is less than two dollars.

Big Bubbles Recipe: Directions

Pour 1 cup of Dawn in a tub that can hold 1 gallon of liquid; In a small bowl/cup, dissolve 1 tsp of Guar Gum with 1 Tbs of rubbing alcohol; Pour liquid in tub and stir well; Add 1 gal of water and mix extremely well; Dissolve 1 Tbs of baking powder into liquid; Enjoy Big Bubbles! Tip: The white baking powder will settle to the bottom of the Bubble Juice jug. Not a problem. You don't need to try to stir it up.

Making Big Bubbles With Your Wands

Dip the string In the solution

  • Dip the string in the bowl of Big Bubbles solution.

  • The first time you dip a new string, it may need to soak for about two minutes until the string is saturated.

  • Make sure all of the string and wand tips are dipped in the liquid.

  • Don't swirl the strings around in the solution, or you will create a lot of suds. Big Bubbles don't like suds.

Lift the wands

  • Lift the wands straight up, keeping the tips of the wands close to each other.

  • Extend your arms away from your body.

  • Have your back to the breeze, if there is any.

  • Avoid getting grass or dirt on the strings. It will end up in the solution and could affect the quality of your bubbles.

Open the wands

  • When the wand tips are about as high as your shoulder, separate the tips so the string opens up to let a bubble form.

  • Tip: If you open the wands and no bubble forms, don't worry. Sometimes, particularly with a new string, it may take two or three tries before a bubble forms.

  • If you have a little breeze, the breeze will cause a bubble to form.

  • If you have no breeze, gently walk backwards to create a breeze.

Close the wands

  • When you have a big bubble, touch the tips of the wands together so the string closes and the bubble releases.

  • Unless the bubble popped while in the wand, you can open and close the wands several times to create more bubbles without having to dip in the solution.

photo by Brian Soergel/Edmonds Beacon

Supplies Links

You can either make your own wands or you can inexpensively buy a 4-pack of basic wands (9" length) for about $10 through Amazon. Here is the link:

4-pack of basic wands


Here is a link to the best value in Guar Gum Powder.

Guar Gum Powder


If you would like to upgrade to a stainless steel wand that telescopes out to 31" (about $10), go to Amazon link:

E-Know stainless steel telescoping wand.


If you would like to upgrade to a bubble concentrate where you only add water, go to Amazon link:

Joyin Concentrated Bubble Solution.

The concentrate is a bit more expensive ($3/gallon of Bubble Juice) than mixing your own solution ($1/gallon) that is described in the Big Bubbles recipe, but the concentrate is a one-step quick solution.

For more information about Big Bubbles, contact (not com)